ACS Jr. Beta Club Guidelines

  1. Students must maintain A's & B's on all report cards.

  2. Members are expected to follow all behavior expectations while at school and on school-related trips.

  3. Any discipline referrals may result in removal from Beta Club.

  4. Members must acquire 10 service points for the year to remain in good standing.

  5. Members who receive a C on a report card will be placed on probation. Probation is a warning. While on probation, you may attend meetings, but not out of school functions. If your grades are not brought back to all A's & B's by the next report card, you may be removed from the club.

  6. Members who receive a D or an F on a report card will be removed from the club.

  7. Members removed from the club may not rejoin.

Service Points

One hour of service = 1 service point

Service hours are activities that benefit the community. Payment cannot be received for service hours.


Parents may not sign for service points. The person in charge of the activity must sign for service hours. 

Examples of community service activities: working at church functions/activities, performing odd jobs for elderly neighbors, visiting a nursing home, helping at school functions, volunteering to work with organizations that service homeless, elderly, etc

Examples of activities that are NOT approved: playing sports, performing in school functions, babysitting your own siblings, chores that you normally do

Service points may be submitted electronically using the button to the left, or using the print form and given to Mrs. Kari or Mrs. Karin.

7215 Shreveport Highway Pineville, LA 71360 ~ (318) 640-3804